Get to know the magical journey of bob and mike

The brewdog brussels family

Belgium has a beer scene like nowhere else. In a country where it has permeated deeper into the way of life of the men and women that live there more than any other (not to mention the many beer-loving travellers who congregate in its cobbled streets) we knew our debut bar for the capital of this incredible country would have to be something truly special. 

Craft beer lovers Bob and Mike put in many days of hard work and eventually uncovered a true gem, hidden in plain sight across the street from Brussels’ Central Station. Our home in this world-famous beery playground is a listed building of curved glass designed by the architect Maxime Brunfaut that served for forty years as the headquarters for the Belgian national airline Sabena. 

Fittingly we have updated those 40 years of history with 40 taps of craft beer, and where people once enjoyed refreshment in the passenger lounge prior to catching a private train for their trip to the airport, now those who walk through the doors are greeted by an entire world of craft beer as their destination.

With ceilings that stretch to six metres high, and an original curving wood and steel staircase from the 1950’s we adapted the modernist feel inside the building to truly complement the striking exterior. Under the direction of Bob and Mike, stone, concrete and steel were mixed with vintage furniture to integrate the BrewDog philosophy into this blank canvas we had discovered.

BrewDog Brussels also features the ultimate good-weather accessory any bar should have – a custom-built raised terrace to enjoy a craft beer outdoors whilst overlooking this fascinating city. The desire for our bar was to escape the confines of small, dark foxholes and instead drink beer amidst truly epic surroundings – and this we believe we have achieved.

At BrewDog, we are uncompromising about everything we do – and as co-entrepreneurs Bob and Mike share that vision. Our bar serves the freshest craft beer from ourselves, other craft breweries and local artisanal Belgian beermakers, alongside a large number of bottled versions. Truly there is something for everyone on offer in our centrepiece for Brussels.

Since starting out in 2007, at BrewDog we have forged a path for independence and amazing craft beer underpinned by a passion to serve and present that beer in the very best way possible. Bored of the industrial beers on offer, our co-founders James and Martin set out to brew their own, and in so doing kick-started a revolution that continues to gain pace every day.

The share of craft beer in the market is growing. The share of industrially produced, bland lagers are falling. These two things are closely related as people discover the alternatives on offer to the beers they used to drink are actually full of flavour. At BrewDog, we live or die by what is in the glass – this is the spirit with which we come to work every day, and that our bars also possess.

As befits the land of "La cuisine à la bière", BrewDog Brussels serves a wide-range of food for every palate, from light finger food to be enjoyed alongside a few beers to cheese and charcuterie sharing platters, salads, freshly-prepared pasta dishes and burgers and pizzas. Each and every dish can be paired with a suggested craft beer from one of our attentive staff members.

Our bar is situated an easy five minute stroll from the Grand Place, squarely in the heart of this amazing city. We would offer nothing less to the people of the most knowledgeable beer city on earth.